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Eliana Sousa

Eliana Sousa Silvas is the founder and director of the NGO Redes da Mare, curator, and organizer of the World Women Festival - WOW Rio and postgraduate coordinator of Social Urbanism - Urban Management, Public Policies and Society, of Insper. Author of the books Macae Evaristo: a black force on the Political Scene (2020), Pain, Which Set Free: Speeches of Mare's Favela Women, in Rio de Janeiro, on Violence (2018), Present Student Project: An Intersect methodology to assure the right to education for all (2017), Why me and not the others? Adilson Pires journey from the outskirts to the political scene of Rio de Janeiro (2016), The occupation of Mare favelas by the Brazilian Army (2015), Education experiences in Mare: challenges and possibilities (2013), Mare testimonies (2012), and the articulation of themes essential to public education in Mare: public safety, school performance, and social mobilization (2010). Honoris Causa Doctorate by Queen Mary University of London and PhD in Social Service by the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, RJ (PUC/Rio). Researcher at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, RJ (UFRJ), for plus 30 years, and one of her last activities was working as director of the University-Community Integration Division - DIUC. Professor at the University of Sao Paulo (USP), at the Institute of Advanced Studies (IEA), where she coordinated Olavo Setubal Chair of Arte, Culture, and Sciences, and she remained for 3 years. Professor of Insper, she coordinated the Social Urbanism Course, at LabCidade ArqFuturo. Along her path, Eliana received several awards, among them Itau Cultural 30 Years (2018), Woman of the Year - Social Area, of Rio de Janeiro's Rotary Club, Claudia Woman - social work, of Abril Press (2004), and Ashoka Social Entrepreneurs (2000). She is a methodology consultant for the Territory in Network project, implemented by Cidade Aprendiz Association, a social technology which inserted more than 15 thousand children and adolescents in public schools in four States of the country from 2020. She is also a consultant to Vale, in the context of the Extreme Poverty Fighting Program of the company. In 2007, Eliana founded - together with local leaderships - NGO Redes da Mare, which runs 19 projects in different areas, from education to culture, from professional training and women empowerment to human rights and public safety, from territory development to collective memory. Since her work in Mare, Eliana occupied multiple spaces - always aiming to make the issues visible and raise the life quality indexes of favelas and outskirts, in all dimensions.

Ana Trevellin

Ana Cristina Trevelin, Administrator (FAP)MS), Accountant Technician, postgraduate in Agribusiness Waste Management and Handling (UFLA/MG), Master’s in Geography (UFMS). Currently, she is the Environment and Hydric Resources Coordinator, in the Executive Environment Secretary, at the State Secretariat of Environment, Development, Science, Technology, and Innovation (SEMADESC) of Mato Grosso do Sul. Worked as City Secretary of Environment in Bonito/MS, between Jan 2021 and Dec 2023. Business consultant in the areas of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Business Planning, and Sector Development. Extra-curricular courses and professional expertise in the areas of business management, highlight planning, innovation, and human development. Expertise as a professor in the Administration and Tourism graduation courses. She published papers and chapters of books on tourism, territory development, environmental public management, tourism, and emotional intelligence.
Experiência como docente nos cursos de graduação em Administração e Turismo. Publicações de artigos e capítulos de livros sobre turismo, desenvolvimento territorial, gestão pública de meio ambiente e de turismo, e inteligência emocional.

Ana Paula C. Packer

Agricultural Engineer, a graduate of the Higher School of Agriculture Luiz de Queiroz (ESALQ- USP), master's and PhD in Analytic Chemistry, by the Chemistry Institute of Sao Carlos (IQSC-USP). Participated in 5 post-PhD programs, in cutting-edge knowledge institutions. Exchange as a visitor researcher, at Health Canada, adding a different vision that research and innovation are the basis for sustainability. Researcher of Embrapa Meio Ambiente since 2010, she works with themes in the agriculture-environment interface, focused on Climate Change Research and Evaluation of the Agribusiness Systems Sustainability. Representative of Embrapa in Different Workgroups, such as to elaborate the National Communication of Brazil to UNFCC, established by the National REDD+ Commission, a mechanism developed to do financial payments to the developing countries for forestry recovery and conservation. Participate in the construction of the Sectorial Plan to Fit Climate Change and Low Carbon Emission in Agribusiness, focused on Sustainable Development (2020-2030). Directly involved in multiple Agribusiness innovation actions, she took part of AgNest's managerial council, a live lab, which will be a unique environment to make feasible the connection between startups, large-size companies, and Embrapa. As an external partner, she is responsible for the Agribusiness and ESG trends in the consultive council of the Innovation Hub of Sao Paulo Inland, collaborates with multiple domestic and international Hubs, and participates in the International Hub for Sustainable Development (IHSD). She Occupied for 5 years the vice-management of Technology Transference and in June 2022, the general management of Embrapa Meio Ambiente, in Jaguariuna/SP.

Gino Gehling

Graduou-se em Engenharia Civil pela Universidade Católica de Pelotas (1978). Obteve mestrado em Recursos Hídricos e Saneamento Ambiental pelo IPH-UFRGS (1985), e doutorado em Engenharia Ambiental pela Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, España (1995). Professor na PUC-Porto Alegre (1995) e no IPH-UFRGS desde 1997. Integrou o CD do DMAE-Porto Alegre em duas gestões. Pela Magna Engenharia atuou em projetos voltados ao tratamento de resíduos industriais do III Polo Petroquímico e da Petrobrás, bem como projetos de saneamento para municípios. Pela UFRGS coordenou projetos institucionais de redes de esgotos sanitários e projetos de estações de tratamento de esgotos. Coordenou o NUCASUL no IPH-UFRGS (2010-2012) na geração de diversos cursos EAD para a SNSA/Ministério das Cidades, voltados a capacitação de agentes municipais nas áreas de tratamento de água, tratamento de esgotos, resíduos sólidos e drenagem pluvial. Participou da fundação do Instituto SAFEWEB, do qual é membro do CD. Projetou a Ecobarreira do Dilúvio, implantada pela iniciativa privada, e mantida pelo Instituto SAFEWEB desde 2016, empreendimento ligado aos princípios da ESG.

Yoon Jung Kim

Consultant, writer, lecturer. Co-founder of the Mundo ESG platform. Member of the Board of the Future Carbon Group. Member of the Committee of Audit, Risks, and Integrity of Hospital Alemao Oswaldo Cruz. Former Integrity Director of Aegea Group and Juridical Director of Aguas do Rio utility company. Also, a Public Prosecutor of the State of Sao Paulo for 16 years.

Pedro Rodrigues

10 years of expertise in oil, gas, and energy industry. 

Partner Director of Centro Brasileiro de Infraestrutura. 

Founding partner of CBIE Advisory. 

Creator and showman of Canal Manual do Brasil. 


Graduate by Fundacao Getulio Vargas and post-graduate in finances by IBMEC Rio, specialization by IHRDC in the natural gas industry in Boston - US

Paulo Renato

Adman and an expert in Digital Products and Services, MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from FGV (Getulio Vargas Foundation), and graduated in Design Thinking and Machine Learning from the University of Stanford. Dramatist, photographer, and climber. Served customers such as Petrobras, Vivo/Telefonica, O Boticario, Estado de Sao Paulo Newspaper, UN (United Nations), and Renault, among others. In the public management area, multiple consultancy jobs for municipalities and the Government of the State of Parana, and participated in several political campaigns, in digital mobilization and communication areas. In 2009, participated in Washington, D.C. In a workshop with the team of President Barack Obama, discussing strategies of political marketing, social engagement, and mobilization. A portfolio with domestic and international awards, such as Gold in Aberj Brazil Award, multiple Top of Marketing and Parana Columnists, most awarded Digital Professional of the Creation Club of Parana, and Awards of Warner Studio as the best of Latin America. Created various start-up companies, which took him to WebSummit Dublin (and next Lisbon), the uttermost start-up event worldwide out of Silicon Valley.

Adalberto Luis Val

He graduated in biology (1980) from Centro Universitario Barao de Maua (CBM) in Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo. He obtained a master's degree (1983) and a doctorate (1986) in freshwater biology and inland fishing from the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA). He did a postdoctoral internship at the University of British Columbia in Canada. At Inpa since 1981, he has been involved in the analysis of the needs of the Amazon related to education, science, and technology. He was general director of Inpa (2006-2014). In 2017 he was accredited as an adjunct professor at the Graduate School of the University of Laval, Quebec, Canada. He is a researcher at INPA and coordinator of the National Institute of Science and Technology Adaptations of the Amazon Aquatic Biota – INCT/Adapta. His research areas cover bioindicators for environmental quality, fish and their environments, sustainable use of natural resources, and ecotoxicology. Among the awards received, we highlight the Grand Order of Legislative Merit of the State of Amazonas (2008); the Grand Cross of the National Order of Scientific Merit (2013); title of Citizen of Amazonas, of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas (2015); Anísio Teixeira Award, of the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel – Capes (2016), the Diploma of Honor to Merit, for the Biologist's Day, of the Municipality of Manaus (2019), and the Bunge Foundation Award (2023).

Luciano Huck

É apresentador, empresário e fundador do Instituto Criar. Em 2021, Huck lançou o documentário 2021: O ano que não começou, onde retrata temas como desigualdade, educação, racismo, política, capitalismo, pobreza, tecnologia e família. Atualmente integra o quadro de sócios da Future Carbon Group, empresa com o maior portfólio de florestas no Brasil.

Luciane Vieira

Luciane Vieira, has a trajectory of vocation in the dissemination of knowledge, with 20 years of experience, and solid academic background. PhD from Federal University of Paraná and Higher Council of Scientific Research of Spain, she is passionate about Sustainability and teaching people, became a Full Professor at Federal Technological University of Paraná, has trained more than 2,700 students and led award-winning socioenvironmental projects, with multi-stakeholder collaborative initiatives. Professional certified by GRI Standards. Founder of the company Plus ESG, where she trains professionals through mentoring, and advises organizations. Author of the book “ESG checklist for small and mediumsized companies”, Luciane believes in technical and scientific knowledge for the transformation of sustainability and positive impact of organizations, and society. With a presence on social networks, she shares valuable content on Instagram under the name @lucianevieiraesg

Adriano Pires

Adriano Pires is a key figure in the energy sector, with more than 30 years of experience. His career includes a significant stint at the National Petroleum, Gas, and Biofuels Agency (ANP), where he contributed his expertise to the development of policies and regulations. Specializing in the economics of regulation, infrastructure, and legal and institutional aspects of public service concessions and tariffs, Pires is a respected researcher and educator. His contribution to the energy sector is marked by deep technical knowledge and a strategic vision, influencing important decisions and policies in the energy area.

Amyr Klink

Amyr Klink, one of Brazil's most renowned navigators and maritime explorers, is widely recognized for his extraordinary journeys across the oceans. With a career dedicated to maritime exploration, Klink stands out for his solitary and innovative journeys, pioneering new paths in seas and oceans. Author of several inspiring books, his narratives capture the imagination of adventurers and environmentalists, combining adventure with a deep respect for nature. Amyr Klink continues to inspire with his passion for the oceans and his commitment to a more sustainable and conscious future.

Ana Carla Fonseca

Ana Carla (Cainha) Fonseca is an international reference in creative economy and territorial development. Graduated in Public Administration from FGV at the age of 20, she is also an economist, with a master's degree in Administration and a Ph.D. in Urban Planning from USP. In 2003, after an executive career in Latin America, in London and Milan, she founded Garimpo de Soluções, a pioneering consultancy in creative economy, cities, and development, having worked in over 260 cities, in 34 countries. Author awarded the Jabuti in Economics (2007), she has given more than 840 lectures in five languages ​​and is an expert in carrying out innovative projects, such as the first regional creative economy plan in Brazil. With more than 270 companies and institutions as clients, including the IDB and the UN, she is an advisor to Virada Sustentável, Preta Hub, and The Festival Academy, in Belgium. Winner of the Claudia Award in Business, she was nominated by El País one of the 8 Brazilian personalities who impress the world.

Carlo Pereira

Plus 20 years of expertise in sustainability and institutional relationships. In the UN Global Compact, he is a member of the Regional Council of Latin America Networks. He is also a member of the board of companies. Graduate in chemistry, master’s degree in sciences (Universidade de Sao Paulo), MBA (University of Lüneburg), and specialization in international leadership by GIZ, Germany.

Carlos Nobre

Carlos Nobre, PhD in meteorology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is one of the most renowned climatologists in the world. Recognized for his pioneering work on Amazon deforestation and the impacts of climate change on this vital region, Nobre has become a globally influential voice in the fight against climate change. Its focus on understanding and communicating the potentially catastrophic effects of deforestation in the Amazon has been crucial in raising awareness of the urgency of environmental action. As one of the leading voices in defense of the Amazon, Carlos Nobre continues to decisively influence the global debate on climate change and environmental sustainability.

Edu Lyra

Edu Lyra, founder of the NGO Gerando Falcoes, is an example of overcoming social impact. Growing up in a favela (poor community) in Guarulhos-SP and the son of a incarcerated father, Lyra had as a great source of inspiration her mother, from whom she carries the motto “it doesn't matter where you come from, but it matters where you go” and turns adversity into inspiration. Without completing college, he wrote ‘Young Hawks’ and founded his NGO with the sale of the book, today an influential network of NGOs in suburbs and favelas (poor communities). Recognized by the World Economic Forum as one of the young Brazilians capable of changing the world, Edu was listed by Forbes Brazil among the most influential young people in the country under the age of 30 and elected entrepreneur of the year by LIDE. He carried the Olympic Torch and spoke at renowned institutions such as Harvard and Google. His goal is to create the largest network of transformative NGOs in the world and eradicate the misery of favelas (poor communities).

Gustavo Cerbasi

Gustavo Cerbasi is a prominent name in financial education in Brazil. With a master’s degree in finance from the University of São Paulo and a degree in Public Administration from FGV-SP, Cerbasi is a respected consultant, professor, and speaker. Author of 16 books, with more than 3 million copies sold, including the bestseller ‘Smart Couples Get Rich Together’, which inspired the film trilogy ‘Till Luck Do Us Apart’, he is an influential voice in the financial field. Voted one of the 100 most influential Brazilians by ÉÉpoca Magazine, Cerbasi also stands out with his online course ‘Financial Intelligence’, which has graduated more than 16,000 students and is one of the most successful in the country. With a strong social media presence, he shares valuable insights on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, under the name @gustavocerbasi.

Katiúcha Watuze

Katiucha Watuze, a communicator, cultural producer, mediator, and anti-racist speaker, uses communication as a powerful tool to build anti-racist bridges. As a black and Buddhist woman, Katiucha works tirelessly in the fight against racial inequalities, placing the racial issue as a central axis in her work. She is co-founder of Pretaria.Org | Coletivo Pretaria, founder of Trabalho de Preto – a hub for Afro-entrepreneurs, and actively collaborates in various social movements and projects. Katiucha is also a valuable partner of Rede Globo's Valor Social, contributing significantly to raising awareness and combating racism. Her work as a social mobilizer reflects her deep commitment to social justice and racial equality.

Silvia Massruhá

Silvia Massruhá se destaca como uma líder inovadora na intersecção da tecnologia e da agricultura. Sua extensa formação e experiência em análise de sistemas, automação e computação aplicada a posicionam na vanguarda da pesquisa agropecuária. Como a primeira mulher a presidir a Embrapa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária (EMBRAPA), uma das mais importantes instituições de pesquisa agropecuária do Brasil, Silvia desempenha um papel vital na moldagem do futuro da agricultura e do desenvolvimento sustentável no país. Seu trabalho não apenas impulsiona inovações tecnológicas no setor, mas também fortalece o compromisso do Brasil com práticas agrícolas sustentáveis e eficientes.

Sonia Consiglio

Sonia Consiglio is a leading professional in the financial services sector, known for her proven track record and multifaceted skills. Specializing in Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development, Environmental Awareness, and Corporate Communications, she plays a crucial role as a board member in her organization. Recognized as a pioneer in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by the UN Global Compact, Sonia is an influential figure in the business world, combining financial success with sustainable and ethical commitment. Her innovative approach to integrating sustainable practices in the financial sector serves as a model for leaders and organizations worldwide.

Fábio Galindo

Fábio Galindo, current CEO of Future Carbon Group and co-founder of Mundo ESG, has a remarkable track record. Previously, he was chairman of the Board of Directors of Águas do Rio and an independent member of the Board of Aegea Holding. His experience includes acting as Public Prosecutor in Minas Gerais and Secretary of State for Public Security in Mato Grosso, marking his career with profound social impact. A specialist in State Intelligence and Public Security, Galindo is also certified in Justice & Government by Harvard Law School, in Constitutional Law by Stanford University, and in Legal Risk Management by Boston University. Its legacy encompasses innovation, leadership, and commitment to sustainability and governance.